Troost Avenue Corridor Redevelopment Plan

Client: Mid-America Regional Council


Project:  Troost Avenue Corridor Redevelopment Plan


Year:  2012 to 2013


Project Description:


The Troost Avenue Corridor Plan is one of six corridor plans initiated by the Mid-America Regional Council’s Creating Sustainable Places grant to focus planning and development efforts along major transit corridors in the metropolitan area.  These corridors are envisioned to be vibrant, connected, and green examples of more sustainable development models.

Troost Avenue is an urban corridor in Kansas City, Missouri, that has for many years suffered from the stigma of being the racial dividing line in Kansas City.  Once a thriving central city corridor, it has suffered from disinvestment and blight.  Troost is a major arterial over 9 miles in length and includes major employment centers, two universities, small scale commercial and residential buildings, historic properties  and suburban patterns toward the south. 

Collins Noteis & Associates, in a joint venture with Taliaferro & Browne, led a multi-disciplinary team that worked with the surrounding neighborhoods to create catalytic redevelopment proposals for two major nodes at Armour Boulevard and at 63rd Street.


Based on market analysis and factual real estate data, the team identified realistic development plans that meet future market demand, are long-term sustainable models in terms of the economy, equity, and the environment, and add to the character and vitality of this important urban connector.


The plan was adopted by the City Council, and the successful process to create a new zoning overlay to promote quality development for the corridor was led by the community members themselves.